La Freccia Azzurra LLC encourages and nurtures Italian Language and Cultural Enrichment for all ages and levels! The name is inspired by the famous children’s book La Freccia Azzurra, by Gianni Rodari, a beautiful Italian tale about friendship, love, and generosity.

The small company was born in June 2018.

The three founders, Benedetta, Federica, and Marisa, live and work in Montclair and as mothers of bilingual children decided to get together and start to promote Italian Language and Culture to people of all ages!
We strongly believe in linguistic and cultural diversity and are doing our part to ensure that this well-loved language and culture are preserved.

In Montclair, Italian has been spoken since at the end 1800s, along Midland Avenue where immigrants worked on the railroads, on the streets of Upper Montclair where they built summer villas and downtown on Pine Street where they built houses and businesses. Newcomers from Italy arrived in the 1898s as well.

Today Italian continues to be spoken through the influx of more recent emigration to Montclair, in elegant boutiques, restaurants, art galleries and museums, and in Montclair High School and Montclair State University, continuing to enrich the multicultural character that distinguishes Montclair as a town.

Why Italian


• Italian is the 4th most studied language globally and Italy is the 5th most visited country

• Italian language and culture is an integral part of NJ’s history. 18% of NJ residents self-identify as Italian American

• Italy is one of the major cultural in uencers in the world. It has the highest number of UNESCO world heritage sites in the world

• Learning Italian can increase employability in elds in which Italy is a leader: culinary arts, interior design, fashion and jewelry, graphic and furniture design, leisure and cultural tourism, art restoration, computer and software services, energy and utilities, and industrial manufacturing

• Learning multiple languages leads to greater intellectual exibility, intercultural competence and understanding

• Learning Italian is just plain FUN!!!


La Freccia Azzurra offers Italian Language enrichment programs for students of all ages!


Group classes are available for children 5 year old and up (3 students minimum, 10 students maximum).

Classes are available online and we can adapt to your schedule!

If you are hosting a learning pod we can send our instructor to you!

5-7 year old

This class is specifically design for young learners: children will learn through singing, playing games, dancing and storytelling in Italian!

8-10 year old and 11-13 year old

In this class children will learn Italian through group collaboration and peer teaching!


In this class teenagers will learn Italian by immersing themselves in the Italian culture!


$25 per kid

Payment in advance via Venmo (LaFreccia-Azzurra)

Also available: PRIVATE and SEMI-PRIVATE LESSONS starting at $35 per kid!

For more information, please email Benedetta, Federica and Marisa at lafrecciaazzurra.usa@gmail.com

Adult classes

At La Freccia Azzurra we believe than you must immerse yourself in the Italian culture in order to truly learn the language!

Learning Italian with us is a 360° experience!

Every lesson lasts 45 minutes and it’s led by native speaker teachers.

Classes can be online or in person (our instructor is coming to you!)

All levels welcome!

Private lesson: $50 per person

Semi-private lesson: $40 per person (for up to 3 people)

Group classes: $30 per person (4-10 people)

Payment due in advance via Venmo (@LaFreccia-Azzurra)

If you have any questions, please email Benedetta, Federica and Marisa at lafrecciaazzurra.usa@gmail.com

Translation Service_

La Freccia Azzurra offers translation service from Italian to English and from English to Italian.

For more information and to get a quote, please email Benedetta, Federica and Marisa at lafrecciaazzurra.usa@gmail.com


For more information please email
Benedetta, Federica and Marisa at: lafrecciaazzurra.usa@gmail.com
or visit our Facebook Page La Freccia Azzurra