La Dolce Vita: A Trip to Italy!

La Dolce Vita is a series of lessons about Italian culture!

If you are part of an organization and you want to learn more about Italy this is the perfect match for you!

In these virtual trips you will discover traditions and customs of the main Italian cities learning about landmarks, history and art and off course about culinary traditions and curiosities!

Lessons are 1 hr long and are available online via zoom or in person!

Series are 6 hours each and include:

North and Central Italy: Venezia (2hrs), Firenze (2hrs), Roma (2hrs)

South of Italy and Islands : Napoli (2 hr)Amalfi Coast and Pompeii (1 hr), the Wonders of the South (Paestum, Sassi, Alberobello, Reggia of Caserta, Riace Warriors) (1hr), Sicily and Palermo (1hr), Sardinia: a Blue Zone (1hr)